Estate Administration

Stover & Spitz LLC represents personal representatives (executors) of estates of all sizes. We represent both individuals and institutions. We will serve as counsel for Colorado estates as well as counsel for estates from other jurisdictions that require ancillary probate in Colorado.

Administering an estate can sometimes seem like a confusing process. Our knowledgeable attorneys and staff are able to provide assistance in every step of the probate process including lodging the will with the court or opening an intestate estate where there is no will, gathering the assets, corresponding with beneficiaries and creditors, preparing and filing the necessary court forms and tax returns, making distributions (including funding trusts) and closing the estate. If a revocable trust is part of the plan, we can also assist with the trust administration.

With more complex estates, elections, disclaimers or other "post-mortem" planning techniques must also be considered. Many of these decisions need to be made in a limited period of time, so it is important that legal counsel be sought as soon as possible after the death.

We will also represent beneficiaries in matters relating to the disclaimer of assets or settlement agreements.

If you wish to discuss our potential representation of you in connection with an estate, please call us at 303-682-0433 to set an appointment.