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Stover & Spitz LLC Newsletters

Please note that the firm was previously Stover & Associates LLC.

Spring 2018 Newsletter:
"Déjà vu All Over Again? Planning for the New 'New Normal'"
"Small Assets, Big Headaches"
"Using Your IRA for Charitable Gifts"
"Lost and (Sometimes Never) Found"

Fall 2017 Newsletter:
"Planning for Digital Assets"
"Avoiding Gift and GST Tax on Lifetime Gifts"
"To Keep Or Not To Keep? Dad Just Left Me (and My Siblings) His Beloved Fishing Cabin"

Spring 2017 Newsletter:
"Dusting Off Your Estate Plan"
"$64 Million Charitable Deduction Lost"
"The Future of the Estate Tax"
"Avoiding (Colorado) Probate Could Be A Mistake!"

Fall 2016 Newsletter:
"IRS Targets Family-Owned Businesses"
"Planning for Gifts to Minors: Avoiding the White Elephant"
"Serving as Personal Representative: Not for the Faint of Heart"

Spring 2016 Newsletter:
"Succession of 529 Plans and UTMA Accounts"
"Probate vs. Non-Probate Property"
"Trusts in a (Very Small) Nutshell"

Autumn 2015 Newsletter:
"Designating a Guardian for your Minor Children"
"Goodies from Granny - Making Sense of the GST"
"Changes to Tax Return Filing Deadlines"
"Beware of Deed Scams!"
"Deeds of Trust"

Winter 2015 Newsletter:
"How the Best Laid (Estate) Plans Can Go Astray"
"Estate Planning for Blended Families"
"Portability Requires Timely Filed Estate Tax Return"

Summer 2014 Newsletter:
"What is a Spendthrift Trust?"
"Should You, Must You, File a Gift Tax Return?"

Autumn 2013 Newsletter:
"Trusts: Fund, File and Forget? Not Quite."
"Divorce and Your Estate Plan"

Summer 2013 Newsletter:
"Fiscal Cliff? What Fiscal Cliff?"
"What Exactly is Probate?"
"IRAs and Your Estate Plan"

Winter 2012 Newsletter:
"What is 'Cost Basis' and Why Should You Care?"
"Making Loans to Family Members"

Spring 2012 Newsletter:
"Striking Oil"
"Intentional and Unintentional Gifts"
"Tax Law Uncertainty Persists"

Fall 2011 Newsletter:
"All in the Family"
"Seize the Gifting Opportunity"
"Portability Requires a Timely Filed Estate Tax Return"

Spring 2011 Newsletter:
"Serving as Trustee"
"We're More Than Just Estate Planning"

Special January 2011 E-Newsletter:
"Temporary Estate Tax Relief Presents Planning Opportunities and Challenges"

Autumn 2010 Newsletter:
"What Happens if I Die Without a Will?"
"Colorado's New Living Will Law"
"Status of the Estate Tax"

Spring 2010 Newsletter:
"Jennifer Spitz Selected for National Honor"
"Status of the Estate Tax"
"Homebuyer Tax Credits Extended"
"Do It Yourself Legal Work?"
"FDIC Extends Its Increased Insurance Coverage Through 2013"

Special January 2010 E-Newsletter:
"Estate Tax Repeal (For Now)"

Autumn 2009 Newsletter:
"Colorado's Long-Term Care Insurance Program"
"2009 Colorado Legislative Update"
"Estate Tax Repeal is Only a Few Months Away (Maybe)"

Spring 2009 Newsletter:
"The FDIC and Your Estate Plan"
"2009 MRDs for Retirement Plans"

Autumn 2008 Newsletter:
"10 Tips for Planning for Death and Disability"
"Status of the Estate Tax"

Spring 2008 Newsletter:
"Options for Charitable Giving"

Autumn 2007 Newsletter:
"Trusts for Tots: Transferring Assets for the Benefit of Minors"
"GST Tax in a Nutshell"

Spring 2007 Newsletter:
"Give the Gift of Good Estate Planning"

Autumn 2006 Newsletter:
"Is There a Second Home in Your Future?"
"Ten Signs it’s Time to Update your Estate Plan"

Autumn 2005 Newsletter:
"Living Wills and Medical Powers of Attorney"

Tom's Published Articles

"Will the Tax Tail Still Wag the Estate Planning Dog?" published in the March 2014 Estate Planning Journal

"Estate Planning for the ‘Me Generation’" published in the March 2007 Boulder County Bar Association Newsletter

Non-Probate Transfers, Chapter 20 (co-author), Colorado Estate Planning, Fourth Edition-1995 (updated 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2006)

"Why Not Repeal the Rule Against Perpetuities?" published in The Colorado Lawyer, July 2001

"Down and Dirty, 48 Ways to Sabotage An Estate Plan," Trusts and Estates, a publication of the Illinois State Bar Association, November 2000

"The Perilous Federal Gift Tax Return" published in The Colorado Lawyer, November and December 1999 Part 1 and Part 2

"Making Sense of the New Family-Owned Business Exclusion" published in The Colorado Lawyer, February 1998

"Ten Good Reasons Not to Avoid Colorado Probate", published in The Colorado Lawyer, September 1996

"What Every Estate Planner Should Know About QTIPs," Tax Ideas (Warren, Gorham and Lamont), 1992

"The Will Contest Regulation and the Marital Deduction" published in The Colorado Lawyer, July 1992

Jennifer's Published Articles

"10 Estate Planning Considerations for Out-of-State Property" published in The Colorado Lawyer, August 2016

"Mineral Royalties as Trust Income" published in the Colorado Bar Association’s Trust & Estate Section’s Newsletter (Council Notes) Fall 2014 Edition, Vol. 33, No.3

"Planning for Other States’ Estate Taxes" published in The Colorado Lawyer, September 2008

"Traversing Multi-Jurisdictional Estate Planning" published in The Colorado Lawyer, July 2001